About us

Our company was established in 1998 starting in the food service side of industry. We became aware of the need for iso-thermo products to assist in supplying better service to our customers. In researching the present marketplace we did not find the type and quality of products we sought, so we started a spin-off company manufacturing iso-therm products for ourselves and various customers. We now have several years experience in production of iso-therm products for pizza and hot food delivery that ensure heat/temperature retainment. We produce products from pre-tested materials that ensure long-wear and easy clearing. Our products are time tested in various and extreme conditions of use. Our products are built with pride, passion and high expectations.


The Furmis company's system of thermo insulated delivery cases save time and money

The Furmis company's system of thermo insulated delivery cases not only save time and money but help ensure customer satisfaction.

Take time and consider how this high quality and functional product will not only help ensure quality service but assist your restaurant and delivery staff plan and execute more effectively.

A full range of colors and sizes are available as are customized versions and logo printing. Power: 100W. Power source: 12 Volt

  • maintaining the temperature to 85°C
  • Power: 100W
  • Power source: 12 Volt